Volume 5 – Issue 4 (March 2017)


Issue 4 March 2017

Learn about the subtleties of alpaca micron testing. Check in with Jorge Reyna on what’s happening in the world of alpaca reproductive research. Find out what leading judge Jude Anderson is looking for in the show ring. See Peruvian designer Carola Solis’ latest clothing. Discover first hand the everyday world of Peruvian alpaca ranchers.

In this issue:

Education: The Starting Point to Success
By Jared Johnston

Designer Profile: Carole Solis

Not Your Grandparents’ Alpaca

Showing Alpacas: Did I Mention Paying Attention?
By Jude Anderson

Back in Black: Canchones
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Alpaca Micron Testing: Why the Differences?
By Cameron Holt

Ovarian Follicular Waves in Alpacas
By Jorge Reyna

The Plight of the Peruvian Alpaca Farmer
By Kristen Peterson

The New Gold Standard