Volume 6 – Issue 1 (June 2017)


Issue 1 June 2017

Learn how women incarcerated in Peru are creating Carcel fashion statements being seen across Europe. Hear the latest Alpaca Owners Association news from the new Executive Director Bud Synhorst. We fight back against the unfortunate Senator Flake incident and his take on “tax loopholes.” Discover Alpaca Partners and how they’re pairing special needs kids with alpacas for greater good. See Monster Felt with your own eyes and learn what it took to create it.

In this issue:

Alpaca Direct Co-Founder Testifies at U.S. Senate

Meet Bud Synhorst

Senator Uses Alpacas as an Example of “Tax Loophole” in Video

British Alpaca Society Judges Recertification
By Mark Steele

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Monster Felt
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Carcel: Transforming Lost Time into Skills, Paid Jobs and Brighter Futures

Alpaca Partners
By Meyla Bianco Johnston