Volume 6 – Issue 2 (September 2017)


Issue 2 September 2017

In this issue, we celebrate the legacy and continuing trajectory of the Beatriz Canedo Patiño brand in Bolivia. Discover how alpaca yoga is taking the country (and world) by storm and providing much needed farm income. Read an article originally published in The Business of Fashion about the monetary and business aspect of superfine vicuña fiber. Learn about the science behind Appaloosa alpacas through a pioneering breeder in New Zealand. And don’t miss the recap of the 2017 Vetmundi in Vienna. eyes and learn what it took to create it.

In this issue:

Camelid Congress 2017
By Robin Näsemann

International Artist Ai Weiwei
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

National Spinning Incorporating Alpaca Fiber Into Production

Beatriz Canedo Patiño
By Daniela Erana and Meyla Bianco Johnston

Inside the Business of Vicuña, The Wool Worth More Than Gold
By Osman Ahmed

Book Review: In Search of the World’s Finest Wools

Spot-On! Appaloosa Leopard Alpacas
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Heartfelt Alpaca Creations

Downward Alpaca!

Benson Alpaca Meadows